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Guided hikes with Stefanie
Most popular hikes
Stendörren Naturreservat
Stendörren Naturreservat

Discover the archipelago without a boat - several islands can be reached on foot via suspension bridges. On site you get to learn about the Baltic Sea ecosystem.
Nävsjön, Nävsjömossen Naturreservat
Around lake Nävsjön

This special lake offers a great scenic variation. Learn about the last Ice Age as well as the formation and peculiarities of the moorlands in Nävsjömossens' Naturreservat.
Marvikarnas Nature Reserve
Marvikarnas Naturreservat

This nature reserve is characterized by steep cliffs and rift lakes - a breathtakingly beautiful landscape. By the former ore mine Skottvångs Gruva we get to experience the local mining history.

Femöre, Femörehuvud lighthouse
Femöre Naturreservat

Part of the Femöre peninsula were held top secret until the 21st century! Learn about the hidden fortress as well as the last Ice Age and the Baltic Sea ecosystem.

Discover Sörmland's nature with your personal guide.
guide Stefanie
Why book a Guide?

Combining your personal nature experience with the benefits of having a guide will allow you to deeply connect with both nature and yourself. You will not only receive help in planning your hike but as well be accompanied on site, receiving information about the last ice age, nature, culture and history.

You'll get a deeper understanding of the landscape you walk through, read the traces of the last ice age and learn about the cultural sights along the way.

"Stefanie is a very lovely and knowledgeable guide. We had a pleasant trip on the Sörmlandsleden at a reasonable pace and with interesting information along the way. It is obvious that she loves what she does. Can highly recommend a trip!" ~ Karin ~

Special Tour: Off the paths
Your individual adventure begins here!

"Just like that through the forest??? Without marked paths?"
- YES, this is absolutely possible here in Sweden and offers a completely different experience than hiking on marked and well-trodden paths.

With me as your personal guide, you have the chance to experience Sweden's nature in a very special way. Follow animal trails through the forest and discover the silence and solitude away from the popular hiking trails. In addition, you will learn interesting facts about the forest ecosystem, about the last ice age and its traces that are still visible in today's landscape, as well as about the peculiarities of the areas we walk through.

Duration, route and the area visited can be flexibly adapted to your wishes.

Price: from 1850 SEK/person (privately guided).
For booking please contact me via phone (+46 76 081 0511) or email (

Click here to send an email through the contact form.

I'm looking forward to explore Sweden's wild nature with You!

Verena discovered the forest off the paths:

"I had an indescribable day trip, just the way I wanted it... far away from the beaten tracks... in the middle of the woods and still with the safety that Stefanie provided with her warm friendliness and her expertise. She responded well to my individual wishes and my hiking speed. It was a great day on which I was able to experience many different landscapes and impressions."

More hiking tours

Sävö archipelago island

On this little island, you'll learn about how people used to live in the archipelago in former times as well as about the Baltic Sea ecosystem and the last Ice Age.
Simonberget Naturreservat view from mountain top
Simonberget Naturreservat

Mountain Simonberget rewards the steep ascent with a great view. In the picturesque village of Koppartorp we get to see pits and other remains from the ore mining era.
Nävekvarns Klint Naturreservat
Nävekvarns Klint

Breathtaking views of the archipelago islands await you here as well as ancient remains of the cultural history. Along the way, we're going to pass by a permaculture farm.

Nynäs Naturreservat, Nynäs Brygga
Nynäs Brygga - Sandvik

This varied hike takes us along the Baltic Sea coast with numerous geological sights, traditional pastures and a sandy beach.

Nynäs Naturreservat, lake Björken
Bråfalls Såg - Björken

This circular hike combines cultural sights, like an ancient sawmill, with beautiful forests and lakes in the Nynäs Naturreservat.

guided hike on Sörmlandsleden
Koppartorp - Nävekvarn

A 16 km long hike along which we discover 3000-year-old rock carvings and countless remainings of the local mining history.

Labro Ängar Naturreservat
Labro Ängar

In this nature reserve, you get to know the traditional use of nutrient-poor meadows, their diverse flora and rich bird's life. A "giant's pothole" witnesses of the last ice age.

Pilhyttedammen Naturreservat

On this circular hike you will get an insight into different moorlandscapes and their development over time as well as the cultural history of the area.

Choose by location

"I was looking for a very personal nature experience well away from the beaten track. I contacted Stefanie to see what she could offer and within less than a day she had come up with the perfect day out in Nature!"

"The day was awesome! We explored a beautiful forest, got to a magical lake setting, and collected a whole lot of different mushrooms." ~ Nicolette ~

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