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Nävekvarn's Klint
Nävekvarn's Klint nature reserve is located along the Baltic Sea coast from which you have a breathtaking view over the archipelago. Along the way we get to visit the permaculture farm Nygrans Gård.
Walking distance: 8 km
Duration: 4 hours
Level: moderate, forest paths, partly rocky
Nävekvarns Klint Sörmlandsleden
Nävekvarns Klint Naturreservat
Nävekvarns Klint Sörmlandsleden
This 8 km circular hike on the Sörmlandsleden hiking path offers an exciting combination of nature and culture.
The Nävekvarns Klint nature reserve offers great views from the edge of the cliff out onto the archipelago islands. According to the relief, the more demanding part of the hike runs through the rocky terrain along the coast. However, the efforts are multiply rewarded. Especially in spring there can be found a particularly attractive and diverse flora in the nature reserve.

Places of cultural and historical interest are seen along the way. The Kolera Cemetery tells of a dark period in the history of Sweden. The so-called “Russian oven” was probably built by the Russian troops on their conquering expedition at the beginning of the 18th century.
A highlight of this hike is the permaculture farm Nygrans Gård, where Christel leads a sustainable lifestyle in harmony with nature. If desired, we can visit the organic vegetable farm, learn about permaculture and pet the rabbits. In the farm's boutique you can buy local products like homemade bread, fresh eggs, homemade jam and of course the farm's vegetables.

Clothing and shoes must be adapted to the weather.

From 475 SEK/pers.
Typical Swedish fika (coffee & pastry) optional.
Nävekvarns Klint Naturreservat
Nävekvarns Klint Sörmlandsleden
Nävekvarn harbour
More pictures of this hike in the gallery.

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Nävekvarns Klint Sörmlandsleden view
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