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Historical Towns & Castles
Nyköping - historical town by the river

Nyköping is one of Sweden's oldest towns and located where the Nyköping river meets the Baltic Sea. Today, it is the residential city of Sörmland county (Södermanland).  

Throughout our walk we'll discover the variety of Nyköping's architecture as well the calming ambience along the river. You'll learn about why there is no more than one building left from the time before 1719 and why a medieval key became the town's emblem. By the ancient castle of Nyköping, I will give you an insight in the most famouse part of the town's history. We'll end our tour by the harbor, where you find numerous cafés and restaurants to enjoy a typical Swedish 'fika' (coffee & pastry).
Duration: 1-2 hours
Price: from 2200 SEK/group (excl. VAT)

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Trosa - former fishing village with charm

Trosa is a pittoresque village by the Baltic Sea and listed as one of the most beautiful towns in Sweden. Here, we get to experience architecture of different centuries and, during the summer time, a magnificent flowerage along the houses and bridges of the Trosa river.

Historically, Trosa transformed from being a fishing village to one of the most popular tourist destinations in Sörmland.

In the 13th century, Trosa was still located several kilometers further inland. Which role does the last ice age play in the relocation of Trosa throughout the past centuries? This and more, you'll learn on a guided tour with me.

I love to connect the local history of the town with the history of the last ice age, which impactfully shaped Sweden's landscape, even beyond the era of glaciation.

Duration: 1-2 hours
Price: from 2200 SEK/group (excl. VAT)

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