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Stendörren Naturreservat
In the Stendörren nature reserve, we get very close to the archipelago and the Baltic Sea. Over several suspension bridges we can reach some of the archipelago islands - without a boat!
Walking distance: 2 - 8 km (as you wish)
Duration: 2 - 5 hours
Level: easy - moderate, parts accessible for wheel chairs
Guide Stefanie with guests in Stendörren
suspension bridge in Stendörren Naturreservat
Stendörren Baltic Sea archipelago
There is not only a lot to discover here, but also a lot to learn. Find out interesting facts about how the landscape was shaped during and after the last ice age, about the Baltic Sea ecosystem and the current challenges, like algae blooms in summer. The Naturum information center also offers exhibitions on various topics, from nature to cultural history.

In this extremely varied nature reserve, we come across granite humps, coastal meadows, natural forests and species-rich pastures. This diversity, together with the breathtaking coastal landscape and the archipelago islands, guarantees an unforgettable experience.

There exist numerous marked trails in the nature reserve. Therefore, hikes of different lengths are possible. Since you are traveling with your personal guide, this trip can be created after your personal wishes. If, for example, swinging suspension bridges are not one of your favorite adventures, we can of course avoid them.

Clothing and shoes must be adapted to the weather.

From 475 SEK/pers.
Typical Swedish fika (coffee & pastry) optional.
view over the Baltic Sea in Stendörren
enjoying the coast on a hike in Stendörren
Stendörren Nature Reserve
More pictures of this hike in the gallery.

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