Stendörren Nature Reserve

Guided tour in Stendörren
Exploring and Learning
Lunchbreack by the Baltic Sea coast
View over the archipelago
On our way to the Naturum information center

At the Naturum

Observing the fishes at the Naturum
Sea eagle observation
White-tailed sea eagle / Seeadler / havsörn / Haliaetus albicilla
Stendörren underwater world
Broadnosed pipefish / Grasnadel / tångsnälla / Syngnathus typhle
suspension bridge / Hängebrücke / hängbro in Stendörren
Guide Stefanie with guests in Stendörren
Climbing the new observation tower
Enjoying the view
hiking in Stendörren Nature Reserve
Along the Baltic Sea coast
Walking over rocky terrain
Information signs and sculptures in Stendörren Nature Reserve