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Discover Sörmland
The Swedish county of Sörmland has a unique charm as it beautifully combines extensive forests, countless lakes and the Baltic Sea coast with numerous cultural sights such as historical castles and manor houses or ancient pits as witnesses of the mining era. Also the traces of the last ice age are present wherever we turn.
Guided hikes
Explore Sörmland's nature on an highly informative, guided hike.
Towns & Castles
Visit the historical towns of Nyköping, Trosa and Söderköping with your guide.
Conscious Nature Experiences
Relax and reconnect: Forest bathing, LandArt and Handpan music in nature.
Travel consulting
Competent and personal consulting to create your dream-trip to Sörmland.
" Many thanks again for a valuable and interesting hike! Hope to have the opportunity to listen to you again! " ~Jonas~
My name is Stefanie and I love to share my passion for Sörmland with my guests by creating interesting and highly informative hiking tours as well as guided tours through the historical towns of Nyköping, Trosa and Söderköping. If you're looking for a deeper and more conscious experience in nature, try out a forest bath in combination with land art and handpan music in nature.

Welcome to my page. I hope to meet you soon!

guide Stefanie, owner Sweden Experience Tours

This is what Johanna says after 3 hikes with me:

"I have been able to participate in three wonderful and educational hikes this year and I'm already looking forward to next year's tours with the best, professional and super nice guide Stefanie!

It is obvious that she loves what she does. I have been very satisfied and happy after every trip and after everything I have learned, I now see the forest and nature with new eyes. Highly recommended!"

guided hikes
Guided hikes
towns and castles in Sörmland
Towns & Castles
Forest bathing with Stefanie
Conscious Nature Experiences
travel consulting with Stefanie
Travel Consulting
Learn more about Sörmland!
Do you want to learn more about Sörmland? Check out my blog!

There, you can find 22 informative articles about a variety of topics, such as northern lights, seals in the Baltic Sea, postglacial rebound, King Valdemar's sailing route, rune stones, the Sörmlandsleden hiking trail and more.

map south of Sweden
Almost all tours take place in Sörmland (Södermanland), which is located south of Stockholm and has a long coastline with the Baltic Sea. Most meeting points can be reached withing 1-2 hours by car from Stockholm as well as about 1 hour from Norrköping. The closest airports are Stockholm Arlanda, Stockholm Bromma, Skavsta Airport located close to Nyköping and Norrköping Airport. You can request a private transport from your hotel or a bus / train station.
Sweden location map (South): modified after Michiel1972 (CC-BY-SA 3.0)

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