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Living Baltic Sea

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The Baltic Sea has an interesting history with periods of varying salinity. The species living in brackish water today face different challenges. Why is deforestation on land contributing to the algal bloom in the Baltic Sea? How many kilometers does an eel actually cover on its journey? And why is the cormorant sitting on the rocks with its wings outstretched?

bridge Baltic Sea in Stendörren
under water in Stendörren Naturreservat
Kormoran, Reiher
During this privately guided day trip you will learn a lot of interesting facts about the development of the Baltic Sea after the last Ice Age, about today's animal and plant species as well as various interrelationships in the Baltic Sea ecosystem. In the Stendörren nature reserve you have the opportunity to walk across suspension bridges to the archipelago islands.

Duration, route and stops can be flexibly adapted to your wishes.
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view over the Baltic Sea in Stendörren
Baltic Sea in Stendörren
Stendörren Nature Reserve

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