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Links & Recommendations

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Here you can find information about accomodation, restaurants, cafés, museums and other activities.
If you wish, I can help you book your accommodation.

Where to stay
Tystberga Logi

Only 25 min from Stockholm Skavsta airport!
We are located at the beautiful countryside, 20 min from the archipelago islands and the Stendörren Nature Reserve by the Baltic sea. Wild animals as deers, roe deers and elks are frequent in the area.

Marinas Guesthouse

We are located just a stone-cast from the beautiful harbor of Nävekarn. You can come here both by sea and by land to experience the Swedish summer and archipelago life. Besides the guest harbor there is a harbor café, a campsite, a sandy beach and beautiful cliffs close by.

Strandvillan Gnesta

Strandvillan is located right next to the beautiful lake Frösjön and only 200 meters from the train station. During the summer, this is a natural place for canoeists to rest on and enjoy a sauna after the tour. The beautiful canoe trail passes right here and there is a canoe pick-up point close by.

Where to eat & drink
Öster Malma

In our restaurant Jägaren our skilled chefs offer carefully prepared dishes inspired by nature. We are extremely proud of the high-class ingredients that come from our surrounding forests and lakes.

What to do
Väg 223

Make a discovery journey along road 223. At the roadside you will see sunflowers standing there as happy exclamation marks. At each sign there is something to discover. Cafés, farm shops, galleries, and artisans and designers selling their products.

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